FIFA World Cup Odds in Sports Betting Malaysia

It’s World Cup year!

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar from 21th November to 18th December 2022. This is the first time in history the FIFA World Cup has not been competed in June or July, to avoid the hot temperature during summer of western Asia. This is also the first time this tournament has been hosted by a country in the Arab World.

As the most popular and most viewed single sport event of all time, the FIFA World Cup is expected to set off another craziness of football worldwide. During that time, millions to billions of audiences in every country would watch the football matches live through the televisions in restaurants, pubs or their own houses.

Catch The Chance to Bet On World Cup

Watching the FIFA World Cup and cheering for the team’s victory with friends is such fun, but there is double excitement if you bet along these. Imagine you could win a fortune while your supported team had won the match, that experience is unforgettable, isn’t it?

Football live betting is getting more active and common during every FIFA World Cup tournament, even people who don’t know about football are getting influenced to take part in it. Therefore, many online platforms of sports booking in Malaysia are introducing a series of football betting campaigns for the FIFA World Cup.

To have a great experience in the platform of sports betting Malaysia, a player has to study and research the event, matches, teams and players before they start to bet on. Of course, they have to know the betting instructions and betting methods, to get their highest odds to win the bet.

Identity The Favourite Teams and Their Strength

There must be a few favourite teams for the champion in every FIFA World Cup tournament. As for Qatar World Cup 2022, the favourites of the champions are probably Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and England.

The reason that we selected those favourite teams, is that they are having stronger requirements to compete in this major event, including their history of achievements, capability of the current squad, and advantages of mentality once they face the other teams with lower world ranking.

Once identified these favourite teams, you have to keep updated with their teams’ latest performance, list of the squad and any good or bad news of the teams, right before the tournament started or during it.

For example, France as the top favourite team of the champion, if they lose their key players such as Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema or N\Golo Kante before the FIFA World Cup started, their overall strength might be reduced and they would have problems forming the perfect line-up.

Choose The Easier Matches to Bet

There are a total of 64 matches in the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament, from the group stages to the grand finale. Each stage has many exciting matches to watch, however, you should pick some matches which ‘’easier’’ to bet on.

Choose the match which you are familiar with both the teams, even the weaker one as you thought. Study the head to head (versus history) between both teams, their recent performances or their results in the last few matches.

For example, the match between France and Australia in group D, if you studied both teams and knew that France is in great condition and has a complete line-up, you could choose team France which has better advantages and higher odds to win.

Otherwise, for a match in which both the teams are at the same level and have similar strengths, it could be difficult to bet on any of them. For example, the match between Spain and Germany in group E, it is hard to expect the obvious winner. In this case, bettors could bet with other options such as over/under or score prediction.

Know The Advantages of Dark Horses

The FIFA World Cup is a grand stage for the popular national teams to show up, but likely also a platform to pull off an upset, in which some unexpected winner or ‘’dark horses’’ would appear in almost every tournament.

While live betting on football, the dark horses might just ruin your day. However, they could be expected or predicted in certain ways, by studying their country’s background, current squad information and recent performances.

For example, the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia in group C, Argentina might have much more odds to win, but considering that Saudi is right in the western Asia where the tournament is being played, they could have the advantage in geographical and mentality.

The ‘’dark horses’’ might not defeat the favourite teams sometimes, but losing with a little of difference in the final score, would also make the bettor lose their stake with betting the bigger handicap.

Focus On The Knockout Stages

People love to bet on the FIFA World Cup right when the tournament started at the group stage, to feel the excitement of betting football while watching it. However, there is a higher probability that unexpected match results would happen in the early stage of a major tournament. This is because the participating teams haven’t really prepared in their early matches, or they didn’t focus all their strength in the group stage, to keep it for the next round.

The bettors could patiently wait until the group stage finished, and start betting on the knockout stages, including the round of 16, quarter finals, semi finals and the grand finale. This is because during those stages, the favourite teams shall put on their strongest line-up and play their best, as they would be eliminated once they lose the match.

Knowing The Betting Rules

To bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022, people should know the betting rules, methods and instructions as well. You don’t want to lose your bet just because you misunderstood the betting rules!

For the handicap betting options, which you pick on a team to win the match, there are two types of handicaps. First, you can bet on the team with higher odds and better advantages to win, but get less percentages of the stakes. For example, if you pick France in the match against Australia, you might just win 45% of your bet.

Second, you can bet on the team with higher odds, with ‘’let go’’ certain scores from the result, which is known as handicap. For example, if you pick France with the option of handicap “+1.5”, you can win 100% of the bet if France won at advantage of two goals or above, such as 2-0 or 3-1, but you will lose the bet if they only won by one goal advantage.

Please be reminded that all the betting options of handicap, over/under and score prediction are only effective on the match within 90 minutes (plus the additional injury time), but regardless of the result of overtime or penalty shootout.

Knowing Teams and Players Performance First

Prepare yourself before the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 starts, by knowing the participating national teams and their players’ performances.

There are many international friendly matches before the tournament starts, as the teams warm up to build up their team integration and keep their best playing condition. The performance of the players or line-up in those friendly matches could indicate their latest condition. However, beware that some teams or players might not show their real strength in the friendly match, as to keep their energy or physical health for the FIFA World Cup matches later.

Bet On EPL to Warm Up

Can’t wait to bet on the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 this winter? Why not bet on the English Premier League (EPL) before it as a warm up.

This world’s most popular football league will be starting on 5th August 2022, opening by the match between Crystal Palace and Arsenal.

With betting on EPL matches, you could also practise the experience of any platform of sports betting Malaysia, including their betting rules and methods, so you could get familiar with them, and be able to bet with better skills during the FIFA World Cup.

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