Best Poker Game in Malaysia and the Best Poker Online Platform

Poker, the entertainment and excitement of card games.

Poker is one of the popular games in casinos worldwide, where a few players gather on a table, battle with their skills, courage and psychology to be the biggest winner.

Unlike the typical casino games like Baccarat, DragonTiger or others, poker games are essentially battles with the psychology and mentality among players.

An expert or professional poker player can even ‘’read the mind’’ of his opponents, by observing their facial expression and body gestures, to analyse their feelings such as anxiety, fear, impatience and upset.

The Popularity of Poker in Casinos

Poker games are not very popular in the casinos, as it requires certain skills and courage to participate, and quite an amount of funds as well.

In the casinos, poker tables are not many prepared, and some of them are available in private spaces or private rooms, to avoid interference from crowds or audiences during the game.

Poker Game Competitions Worldwide

Poker games are also practiced as competitions or tournaments worldwide, with the participation of top-class players, and provided with a huge amount of prizes.

World Series of Poker is the most famous poker competition of all time, where all the professional poker players in the world compete for the greatest honor.

In this tournament, every player has to prepare USD 10,000 as the prize and USD 1000 for the participating fees. The winner could get a few million dollars in prizes, as well as the title of world poker champion.

World Poker Tour is another international tournament of poker games, it is live-streamed by television broadcast, the same as the World Series of Poker.

Play Poker Online in Malaysia

Not being prepared to play a poker game on the table in a physical casino? Try online poker which is more popular and common nowadays.

Playing poker online has some advantages and benefits compared with physical games. The players don’t have to worry about being ‘’read their mind’’ by expert players, as they don’t have to look face to face.

Besides, online poker requires fewer funds or deposits, and the players who play as beginner or amateur can prepare only a little money to start their games.

The poker game online is normally categorized into different levels as well, including the beginner, junior, senior or expert, so the players could choose the level which they are suitable for. You don’t want to meet a poker master while you’re just a newbie to these games!

The Best Online Poker Website in Malaysia

Poker games are available in many online casinos in Malaysia, with various games, gorgeous graphics and appearance, cool animations and pretty girl characters.

Zynga Poker is the most famous and most popular online betting platform for poker games in the world. Launched in 2007, Zynga Poker is featured as a social game, to be easily accessed and played on social networks especially Facebook, and other platforms or operating systems such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Google+ and MySpace.

A statistic showed that in 2018, Zynga Poker had a 6.1% market share in social casino games, proving its popularity in internet gaming.

Zynga Poker has also changed the culture or environment of online betting since it was launched, where internet users can easily click to play an online betting game including poker, without any conditions or requirements, such as their ages or verifications of personal background.

Popular Poker Games in Malaysia

There are a few popular poker games in Malaysia, such as the famous Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack, Show Hand, Fight The Landlord, Pai Gow, Bullfight and others.

Texas Hold’Em is popular in Malaysia online casinos,the same as the casinos worldwide. Players like to challenge themselves in Texas Hold’Em to battle with their psychology and courage, of course while they need enough funds for several rounds.

As a game with a pot collecting method, the final prizes of a single round of Texas Hold’Em could be a large amount, depending on how the players battle each other during the game.

Therefore, for a player who is determined to win the grand prizes of the pot, he has to prepare enough funds to bet on in each stage of card giving, until the final call when all five cards are gathered. At the moment, he has to evaluate every player on the table, and analyze who would have better cards than himself.

This process requires a lot of psychological effort, to check out the ‘’liar’’ who is bluffing with weak cards, or the ‘’real one’’ who has the powerful cards in his hand. A player with great deceiving skills could win the prizes in the pot with his lousy cards!

Blackjack: Popular Online Poker and Within Community

Blackjack or 21, is one of the most popular poker games in history.

Players battle with the dealer to win the game by reaching 21 points or the nearest to it. Each player gets two cards at first, they could directly win the bet if their two cards hit the Blackjack, or they have to approach the 21 points by receiving the third, fourth or fifth cards.

Blackjack is popular in the Malaysian Chinese community as well, especially during a festival like Chinese New Year, when friends and relatives are gathering, while playing poker as entertainment.

Blackjack is suitable for such occasions, as it needs only a few cards for each player, while a deck of 52 cards could fit 7 to 8 persons to play for entertainment purposes. It is also quick for one round, and easy to switch players for another round.

Play Legal Online Poker

Playing poker with friends physically is good for entertainment, however, it isn’t easy to gather enough people to play poker at any time or anywhere. Some more, gathering to play card games are risky as could taking action by the authorities charged with illegal gambling.

So, why don’t join poker online at the online casino, where the betting experience is no less than the physical games?

There are plenty of online casinos in Malaysia that provide online poker games for betting, however, their trustworthiness, credibility and safety had to be considered before playing on their platforms.

Online Poker Best Platform

We1Win is a trusted, secure and reputed online casino in Malaysia, where you can rest assured to bet on any kind of game here, with the best online gaming experience.

We1Win provides various online poker games including Texas Hold’Em, Show Hand, Blackjack, Bullfight, Fight The Landlord, Pai Gow and others. All games come with pretty graphics and appearance, fancy animations and sexy girl characters, nevertheless, simple playing instructions and easy betting steps.

With MT Poker as our vendor, you can start playing poker online here, as we have enhanced security, a stable server, and high performing backend, to ensure our players enjoy the betting games without any negative issues such as interruption or website crashes.

For the online poker player who is experienced enough and claims himself a professional, he could challenge the category of high difficulty, where many experts are gathered, making the games more challenging and exciting, and much more bets to be won as well.

Online Poker Play With Friends

Don’t like to play online poker with strangers or not interested in challenging another online poker player? You can invite your friends to play poker online.

At We1Win, the best platform for online poker Malaysia, you can start the poker games online by inviting your friends into the room. Enjoying online poker games with friends is easier than playing physically, as you don’t have to make sure everyone has the free time to gather in a place. With the convenience of poker online Malaysia, a simple invitation could gather a few friends to join the poker online, whether they are or whenever they are free to join.

Experience The Best Online Poker Website

Couldn’t wait to enjoy poker games online? Join We1Win, the best platform of Malaysia poker online. However, before starting to bet on a poker game online, you could practice it with the offline mode, train yourself as a skilled poker player, and prepare great psychology to challenge another online poker player.

Before starting the poker game online while betting on it, you should also get familiar with the rules and instructions of poker games as well. Each game has its own rules to follow, especially the challenging Texas Hold’Em, you should remember it well to avoid any conflict or incident during the game. The poker rule is available on the instruction page of every game.

After practicing and preparing well as an online poker player, you can join the Malaysia poker games online by challenging others. You might have faced some difficulties or been defeated at the beginning, but with more experience and studying, you may become the Poker King online!

Start your journey of online poker games at We1Win, the best destination of Malaysia poker online, where the greatest experience of poker is all here.

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