Top 5 Live Casino Malaysia Games

Live casino games, the favourite of many players in the online betting platforms.

Live casino in Malaysia are getting more popular and more common nowadays, as people like to seek the experience of betting online, instead of visiting the physical casino which is quite inconvenient.

We know there is only one place for casino gambling legally in Malaysia, which is the Genting Highlands. However, not many people are able or willing to visit there by a long way up to the mountain, especially people from other states which have to manage their accommodation.

With the development of the internet and advanced technology, it is easy to access the network and surf on websites. People like to visit any websites with entertainment purposes, including the online betting platform.

There are many online casinos in Malaysia providing the live casino games with fancy appearance, user friendly setting, pretty live dealers, various betting games and attractive odds to win.

However, the true elements should be considered by players when choosing a good Malaysia live casino, is their trustworthiness, reliability, safety, security and genuinity.

Elements of Casino Live Malaysia

There are few elements of a live casino Malaysia to be considered before you play them.

Firstly, players should choose the vendor of the live casino they are familiar with. Different vendors come with different layouts, settings and interfaces, therefore players might get confused or distracted if they switch around different vendors.

There are many games in a live online casino Malaysia, players should read and understand those games instructions, rules to play and odds to win before starting the game. Those live casino games have the same playing rules and odds to win, however, there might be slight differences in the instructions of betting, so players should know the terms and conditions before betting on.

There are plenty of tables or rooms for players to bet on the live casino games. Every table is served by a live dealer and a table to put on the chips. Those tables or rooms might have different requirements to play on there, such as the minimum bets required for a room with professional players, is higher than the room for beginner or amateur players. The VIP room requires more deposits and quality of bets, therefore make sure you have enough funds and good skills before you get into it.

The live dealers in live casino Malaysia mostly have attractive appearance, some with sexy costumes, while all of them are well trained as professional and skillful dealers. Certain game rooms are served by live dealer Malaysia with hot dress as their signature. Make sure you won’t get distracted while betting there.

Top 2 Games in Malaysia Live Casino

The two most popular games in the live casino Malaysia are the Baccarat and the DragonTiger.

Baccarat is also the most popular game in casinos worldwide, including the casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Genting Highlands.

In a live casino Malaysia online, Baccarat has the most tables or rooms available, which could be more than dozens. People like to bet on online Baccarat, as it is quick to bet and has simple betting instructions.

DragonTiger is another popular game in the live casino in Malaysia. It has direct and simple betting instructions as well, players just have to pick a side between the Dragon or the Tiger, such as the DragonOdd, DragonEven, TigerOdd, TigerEven, DragonRed, DragonBlack, TigerRed and TigerBlack.

The betting instruction of DragonTiger is straight and not complicated at all, players just have to bet on the odd or even of the card number, or red or back of the card colour. It requires less skills or less formula to bet compared with the Baccarat.

Live Roulette: The Wheel of Fortune

Roulette is another popular game in casino live Malaysia. With 37 or 38 figures on the wheel, the live dealer will spin the board once all players put on their bet, and the figure where the ball stopped at the end is the winning number.

There are multiple betting options for the Roulette game, including betting on a single number or a group of numbers. Players could also bet on the numbers with types of odd or even, red or black, big or small (0-18 or 19-36), the Dozen Bet or the Column Bet.

There are other more complicated betting options as well, like the Single Bet or Straight Bet, the Split Bet, Street Bet, Corner Bet or Square Bet, First Five Bet, Line Bet or Alley Bet. Those options are harder to win, but of course giving the higher odds.

The Roulette in casino always gets many people to bet on the same round, as they wish to be the lucky one to hit the number, and win the great odds. A Roulette is also crowded by many audiences around it, some of them observe the spinning results, and bet on their predicted number at the next round, while some of them just watch for the lucky guy who wins high prizes.

In a live casino Malaysia online, live Roulette games are available in fewer tables, as one table can fit for many players at the same round. It is also less popular than Baccarat and DragonTiger, as its playing instruction and betting rules are less exciting and too low probability to win in a round.

Se Die and Sic Bo

Se Die is another popular game in a Malaysia live casino. The live dealer shakes the bowl with four buttons inside it, which are red and white on both sides.

The betting instruction of Se Die is simple though, players just bet on the colour pattern of four buttons once the dealer uncovered the bowl.

If all the four buttons showed the same colour as the surface, either all white or red, the players who matched it could win 12 times of odds. There are also other odds of results such as three red and one white, three white and one red, and other options including odd, even, big or small.

Meanwhile, the Sic Bo game follows a similar pattern with Se Die, where the dealer shakes the three dices in a container, and players bet on the dices’ result once the spinning stops.

There are many betting options for Sic Bo. The common options are big/small and odd/even, while more complicated options include Specific Triple, Any Triple, Two Same Number, Three Different Number. There are also betting options of Sum of Points, and One of A Kind such as One Dice, Two Dice, Three Dice, Specific Double and Two Dice Combination.

How to Win at Roulette in Casino

Love to play Roulette online Malaysia? Favoured by the spinning wheel of fortune?

Online Roulette Malaysia has the same betting experience with the physical casino, same rules and same odds to payoff. Some players choose to bet on only one number among the 38, hoping they could be the very lucky one. Meanwhile, some bet on multiple choices or bet on certain combinations or patterns, this could spend more of their bet, but have higher probability to win.

In a live Roulette game, players normally split their chips and bet on at least a few numbers, which are located in different corners of the board, to enhance the possibility of winning.

For example, you may prepare ten credits and split them into five parts, and bet every two credits on five choices. This means your chance to win the single round of live roulette is 5/37, which is much higher than the 1/37, isn’t it?

Enjoy Online Baccarat Malaysia with Many Tables

Among the five popular live casino games above, Baccarat is the most familiar among Malaysians. Therefore, every online casino in Malaysia is providing many tables or rooms for Baccarat players 24/7. You can even play the games with many online players along at 3am midnight!

At We1Win, the biggest online casino in Malaysia, we prepared dozens of tables to bet on online Baccarat, by several vendors. There are pretty live dealers serving all day, and a lot of players join the table, same happening as the physical casino.

For players who love lively or happening scenes of games, they could join the tables with many others together, and find out who is the luckiest guy on the table!

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All the live casino games are played in credits, while the credits in players’ accounts could be exchanged for real money, and able to withdraw whether they like, with simple steps and no any conditions attached.

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