Where to Buy 4D Lucky Numbers Online?

4D lottery games, the most popular betting activity among Malaysians. It is also the only legal betting activity in most states of Malaysia.

There are three major operators of 4D lottery in Malaysia, which are Magnum 4D, Sports Toto 4D and Damacai. Each of them has hundreds of outlets over the country for people to bet on 4D games. Around thousands people bet on 4D games during the drawing day nationwide.

These three operators are having the 4D drawing at least three days a week, which falled on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, while special draws on Tuesday are occasionally conducted.

The 4D betting outlets are operating on every drawing day, the betting closes at 7pm sharp, and the drawing process starts right after it, all the 4D results of Magnum 4D, Sports Toto 4D and Damacai will be announced before 8pm on the same day.

People who betted on 4D lottery games would check the 4D lotto result today through certain websites, mobile apps or through the evening edition newspapers.

Bet On 4D Lucky Numbers at 4D Outlets

Due to the law and religion aspect, as Muslim are prohibited to bet on any event, the 4D lottery games are only available to bet on the physical outlets.

At every 4D drawing day, we can see many people from different statuses visiting and queuing in the 4D outlets, just to buy themselves a hope that their 4D lucky numbers could eventually make them a fortune, even change their life. A poor guy might bet on a few dollars to hope for a small fortune, while a rich guy might bet on hundreds of dollars, wishing that a million dollars big prizes come upon him.

Many people like to bet on 4D lottery with multiple operators, for example, bet the same numbers at Magnum 4D and Sports Toto 4D, or including Damacai as well. This is the psychology aspect of a typical bettor, where they are afraid that their lucky number will appear at another operator’s result. For example, if the person only bet on Toto 4D, while his number is announced as the first prize of Damacai result, that will be such a regret for him for not betting on Damacai!

Find Your 4D Lucky Numbers

Everyone has a lucky number for his own, if not, get yourself one!

The lucky numbers might just be around you, including several figures of your life, such as your birthday and certain anniversary days. However, most people like to bet on the 4D lottery with their vehicle plate numbers, especially when their vehicle faces certain issues, such as an accident or brokedown.

In the Chinese community, there is a book with images showing the numbers which represent certain objects, animals, plants and some incidents. This book, called a ‘’picture with thousands of figures”, is some kind of superstition among the Chinese, who believed that anything that happened or existed on them represents a group of numbers, which could give them a fortune.

For example, two snakes fighting are represented by ‘’0003’’, a corrupted policeman is represented by ‘’0002’’, the husband reached home late at night is ‘’0013’’, and a dead swallow is ‘’0030’’.

Know The Odds of 4D Lottery Games

People love to bet on the 4D lottery, not just because they are the only legal betting event everywhere in Malaysia, but also because the odds are attractive and getting huge returns with a little money paid.

As for the classic betting method which is mostly practised by Malaysians, there are few categories of prizes to be announced on every drawing day. The first, second and third prize has one result each, while the special prize and consolation prize has ten results each.

The drawing pattern and odds of prizes in the classic betting are the same for Magnum 4D, Sports Toto 4D and Damacai. Players have to bet with at least one dollar for a 4D number. For the first prize, the winner can get RM2500 with a bet of RM1, RM1000 for second prize, RM500 for third prize, RM180 for special prize and RM60 for consolation prize.

The More Attractive of Jackpot Betting

Think that a few thousands dollars of prizes doesn’t fulfil your desire? Go for the jackpot method.

Magnum 4D, Toto 4D and Damacai all have their jackpot games to bet on, but each has different options to play and different amounts of prizes.

Magnum has the Magnum 4D Jackpot, Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold and Magnum Life, Damacai has the 1+3D Jackpot, 3D Jackpot and 3+3D Bonus.

Sports Toto has the most various jackpot betting options among three operators, including Supreme Toto, Star Toto, Power Toto and Jackpot Toto. It is also regarded as the most attractive jackpot operator in the country, which provides millions of dollars in prizes each jackpot.

The Supreme Toto had given out the biggest jackpot prizes in Malaysia history in March 2022, which was more than RM97.75 millions, to two lucky people from Penang and Selangor.

Buy 4D in Black Market

Betting on 4D lottery games at the legal outlets is quite inconvenient for people, as people who live in the suburbs have to go to town for 4D betting. Besides, for people who bet on multiple operators, they have to visit two or three outlets, which each of them might be far from another. While betting in the 4D outlets, people have to queue at the counter, which is spending time and increasing the risk of Covid-19 virus by putting themselves in the crowd.

Therefore, the black market of 4D games is getting more common and participated by many players in Malaysia. The black market of 4D, which is also called ‘’black 4D, is operating illegally by a certain person or organisation which has enough funds.

The black 4D collects their bets with secret platforms, such as through the shops disguised as other business, or betting secretly between people at any venue, without obviously being noticed by using their own method or tools. People can also make a call to bet on illegal 4D if they have the contact.

The black 4D sometimes offer the prizes higher than the official operators to attract more players. The winners could get full prizes too as they had skipped the taxes process.

However, there are some weaknesses of black market of 4D games. The underground operator might refuse to pay the prizes, as you can’t do anything with them. The prizes you won from black 4D might also be investigated by the tax authority, and eventually confiscated your money which comes from illegal business.

Buy Online 4D at The Legit 4D Lotto Live

Feeling inconvenient to bet on 4D games at the outlets, and feeling insecure to bet on the underground 4D? Why not try to bet on 4D online, at the online betting platform of 4D lottery games.

We1Win, the biggest online betting platform in southeast Asia, provides the best experience of 4D online betting. We have various methods or options to bet on 4D numbers, some of them are not available in the official 4D outlets.

For example, for the Magnum 4D, Sports Toto 4D and Damacai, We1Win provides the betting options of 2sides, Fixed Place, Dragon/Tiger/Tie and Dragon/Tiger/Tie/Para.

Tired or frustrated of not winning all the four numbers in the official bets? Try the Fixed Place betting option, where you can bet on a single digit from the four numbers in the result, such as bet on the first digit only, with the odds of 9.85. Of course the chance to bet on a digit is much easier than the whole four figures!

The 2 sides option is quite interesting too, players can bet on different situations of the numbers, including big, small, odd, even, prime and composite.

Instead of 4D lottery games, We1Win is also providing various betting options for number games, including Instant Game, PK10, 5D, Mark6, 11×5, Fast3, 3D, Happy8 and LF Lotto. Surely you could enjoy the betting of numbers in all these games!

Check 4D Lotto Result and Get The Betting Tips

At We1Win, the biggest online casino in Malaysia, you can not just bet on 4D lottery games here, but could also gather the betting tips and check the results.

Our platform provides the latest 4D lotto result today, and the past 4D lotto result, for players to refer and analyse their new numbers to bet on. If you are players with the official operators, you can also check the Magnum 4D result, Damacai result and Toto 4D result on our website or mobile App at the 4D online results section.

Don’t you have your own 4D lucky numbers? Let us find you one!

We1Win often shares the information or tips to bet on 4D lottery or other number games. With that, you could have inspiration or ideas to come with your own lucky numbers, which might make you a fortune.

As a trusted, secured and reputed online betting platform, We1Win is a legit online casino which is acknowledged by several authorities, and promised to operate in a completely safe and secure environment. Unlike the underground or black market of 4D betting, We1Win ensures the full payment of prizes won by players, some more with bonus and extra benefits. Therefore, instead of visiting the outlets or playing underground, betting at the online casino might be your greatest experience ever.